Welcome to my web site!

My name is Friedrich Raubal, I am a passionate tourist guide. I look forward to showing you beautiful and remarkable sights in Vienna and the surrounding countryside.


I was born in Gumpoldskirchen, a traditional wine producing area. My father was a vintner or winemaker, my mother as well. I completed my studies to become a vintner 1968.


Later, I studied law in parallel to my work and finished it with the degree of Magister iuris. In addition, I became state-certified as a Tourist Guide.


So far, I worked for the private sector, forests, vineyards, the theater, the Austrian Armed Forces and the tourism sector.


I speak German, English, Italian, French and Russian. I am constantly working on improving my language skills, currently I attend advanced courses in Italian and Russian.


My hobbies include drawing, especially life drawing and nude drawing.